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Road Trip Ready



As usual, I’ve got all these ideas flying around in my head, and as soon as I sit down to get it all out, the idea factory goes into snow screen fuzzzzzzzzz mode.  Let’s see if I can power through this time.  So… I wanted to finally start putting some posts on here and figured what better first post than a road trip readiness checklist!  It’s 2017, it’s our first real road trip of the year, and I’m sure yall can’t wait to discover some of my secret success sauces for road trip readiness!  Well, today is the day.  Read on peeps.  This will totally be worth your 5 second skim of pics and captions!  The exciting thing here… if 1 person, yes, just ONE person finds this and reads it, my readership will have doubled in a single day!

All right.  I think regardless of what type of vehicle you have, this short list is a great start!

1) Safety and Emergency

Make sure to bring first aid kits for all things!  Friendly reminder… check expiration dates!


2)  Food & Water



LOTS of water!  Even for just 2 of you… you need Big jugs for cooking and future drinking. Make sure to keep your favourite reusable bottles for staying hydrated!  We are pretty stoked on our Hydroflasks!  Just throw in a couple ice cubes and it’s cold all day long.  Then bring along whatever food.  Easy quick veggies, boxed stuff, personal preference… yes?





3) Car Fluids

Often overlooked by many, I think it’s super important to bring along some extra oil, power steering fluid, and antifreeze.  Vehicles use up their fluids, especially in extreme conditions.  Why not have a little extra of what it needs most to keep running!  This will help prevent overheating and more serious conditions.




4) Go Analogue

For the most important stuff, I bring along analogue versions just in case.

Navigation and light = maps and candles.


Good times to you!

Till next time.